We are Daisee

Daisee is an Australian AI software company pioneering speech-to-text and voice analytics technology. We specialise in automated quality management for customer interactions, script adherence, and AI-driven analysis of unstructured voice data.

Our solution is designed to unlock actionable insights from customer interactions and spoken conversations between businesses and their customers.


Our Story



Daisee Founded

Daisee was founded in 2017 by technology entrepreneur Richard Kimber. Richard's vision was to create a world-leading AI software company offering significant value to clients by blending commercial best practice and data science to create intelligent products that learn and adapt.


Daisee Raises $8.8 million

Daisee raises $8.8 million to develop a speech analytics tool geared towards call centres. The inspiration for the company name, Daisee, came from an acronym that stood for ‘Deep Artificial Intelligence Software for Enterprise Ecosystems”. Daisee had so many other positive connotations and that it ended up with its own identity


Daisee Launches v1.0.0

Daisee launches to the international marketplace. Their software produces a world-first automated, programmable QA Scorecard™ after applying AI and NLP to analyse, categorise and deliver deep insight into customer voice interactions.


First Customer

Daisee's first customer joins utilising the worlds first automated programmable QA Scorecard™


Dr. Kylie De Boer Joins

Kylie has significant experience in leadership and management in fast growing and diverse environments, particularly focused on commercialising scientific advances. Prior to joining Daisee she was CEO of Private Equity owned SunDoctors and Southern Sun Pathology.


Launch of the Automated Script Adherence feature

Script Adherence measures elements of the call to ensure that the agent has stated required information within the call for Compliance and Regulatory protection of the customer.


Stephen Norris Joins

Prior to joining Daisee, Stephen was the head of the technology team, business development and operations at speech and language technology company, Appen.


Launch of the Issue Remediation Workflow functionality

Issue Remediation Workflow automatically triages low-scoring, high-risk calls for operational personnel to review within the Programmable Scorecard™


Dr. David Fussell Joins

David holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sydney in the field of Theoretical Physics. During his career, he has been at the cutting edge of data science research, inovation, and development.


Listed on Genesys AppFoundry

This partnership allows Genesys customers from all market segments to easily access Daisee’s highly accurate and multi-award-winning solution.


Microsoft Co-sell Ready

The partnership with Microsoft enables customers to easily access Daisee through its availability through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Gartner Cool Vendor 2020

Daisee selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in AI for Customer Analytics.


HIPAA Compliant

Daisee has been audited and awarded compliant by The Compliance Group as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


Internationally recognised and awarded

Daisee is a global leader in AI-driven voice analytics and speech-to-text transcription. Our technology has been recognised and awarded on both local and international fronts, and continues to serve as the industry benchmark.

Our values

Personally Principled

We question the impact of our actions and ask if we would be comfortable taking personal responsibility. We go beyond self interest and believe in ethical restraint.

Individually Awesome

Our people have dynamic capabilities that can adapt quickly. We are curious, thoughtful and generous.

Collectively Brilliant

We play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back. Together we exceed the sum of our awesome parts.

Future Focused

We focus on the important not the urgent, to relentlessly pursue our agreed goals. We are creative, evolving rapidly through iteration.


We are empowered and action oriented. We are decisive and focus on mission critical tasks.