The Future of AI

Credits: TED Conferences LLC and McKinsey & Company

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the fourth industrial revolution, and we are currently in a fundamental period of change at a structural level (World Economic Forum). A.I. is altering the way we innovate and will inevitably touch every facet of our lives moving forward, despite the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Discover the Essence of your customers’ intent.

Daisee Essence is a powerful new module that provides businesses and teams with Augmented and Artificial Intelligence that hears and detects the true reason behind each customer’s voice interaction. Unlike other platforms, Essence actively analyses and recognises the meaningful phrases used on each call to establish customer intent, signals and trends.

Daisee Essence provides business leaders with critical insights into their customers’ voice, surfacing trends, opportunities, obstacles and risks like never before. Allowing your business to prepare for tomorrow.

Essence gives you a completely new and dynamic way of knowing what all your customers are really experiencing in their interactions, deriving the key issues that are driving voice interactions.

Richard Kimber CEO, Daisee

Where CRMs struggle with static content, Essence provides insight into customer needs in near realtime.


Competitive businesses know that customers are a critical source of valuable information, and that allocating a call disposition or ‘wrap code’ at the conclusion of a customer interaction is very simplified and can miss critical insights from the conversation.


Essence uses machine learning (removing human bias and preconception) to identify the meaningful words and phrases from the conversation. Our world leading AI technology groups phrases with similar meaning that is derived from identifying alternative ways of expressing the same concept.

Trend Identification

Essence not only quantifies trends businesses expect to see from customers, but more importantly identifies ones they may not expect. These trends are then ranked according to their prevalence over time revealing the true reasons your customers are calling your business.

Actionable Insights

Daisee Essence provides your business leaders with critical insights across the voice of the customer, surfacing trends and areas of risk you may not have been aware of — use Daisee to help your business prepare for tomorrow.

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