Micha Wotton

Chief Technical Officer
Micha has over 25 years of engineering expertise, marked by a distinguished career in engineering leadership and software development, with a professional journey that illustrates his unwavering dedication to driving results through innovative strategies and pragmatic approaches. His leadership harnesses emerging technologies and industry best practices, with key strengths in strategic planning, stakeholder management, team leadership, and software development lifecycle management.

Micha was the Chief Technology Officer at Beforepay where he had a particular focus on Information Security strategy and governance. Prior roles at Douugh and Rotor Studios further underscore Micha’s experience in steering high-performing engineering teams, transforming technology platforms, and providing strategic direction aligned with business objectives.

Micha’s technical acumen spans various technologies, from building and integrating platforms, to DevOps and a broad range of cloud infrastructure products. He is proficient in technology risk management, Agile methodologies, and data governance.