Unlocking Business Insights with Speech Analytics


In today's competitive business landscape, gleaning valuable insights from customer interactions, especially those in the realm of voice communication, is crucial for driving strategic decisions and enhancing customer satisfaction. Each exchange between a company and their customer harbors a trove of data, ripe for mining to shape strategies and refine the three ‘P’s products, people and processes. Speech analytics, notably through platforms like daisee, empowers enterprises to transmute these conversations into actionable business intelligence.

At its core, speech analytics entails leveraging advanced technology to transcribe and dissect voice data from customer interactions. By dissecting patterns, discerning trends, and gauging sentiments, companies can plunge into the depths of their operations. Daisee's speech analytics solution offers a multitude of distinctive benefits for contact centres:

1. Identifying Customer insights on 100% of calls:

Daisee's AI-driven platform sifts through vast call data to unveil specific insights into the voice-of-the customer. For instance, recurrent inquiries about a particular product facet or expressions of interest in a campaign can trigger openings for fresh offerings or refinements within a company. Grasping these needs allows firms to innovate and customize their offerings for heightened customer satisfaction, thereby metamorphosing feedback into tangible business prospects. Traditional manual analysis, whereby QA leaders review 1-5% of calls become a thing of the past.

One of daisee's customers in the Financial Services space, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL), shared how daisee has impacted their agent coaching and call insights.

“Now daisee gives us great insights into the skills staff members need coaching on, even sentiment and empathy metrics,”
- National Contact Centre Manager at TMBL.

Monitoring 100% of calls was important for TMBL to automate their QA processes.

“Before daisee, problems would often only get picked up in the complaints system.”

“daisee gives us a daily report of high risk calls for team leaders to assess right away.”

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

2. Elevating the Customer Journey:

By pinpointing the roots of customer discontent, daisee aids in precision enhancements. Whether rectifying frequent issues or fine-tuning service protocols, refining the customer journey begets heightened satisfaction and allegiance. Daisee's quasi-real-time analytics facilitate swift responses to burgeoning issues, translating insights into actionable enhancements that elevate customer experiences. This proactive stance ensures swift redressal of customer grievances, upholding stellar satisfaction levels, which may be new for companies.

3. Fostering Data-Driven Decision-Making:

The insights gleaned from daisee's speech analytics arm businesses with the acumen to make informed, data-driven decisions. Be it innovating product features grounded in customer feedback or pivoting business strategies to better resonate with customer inclinations, decisions rooted in robust data tend to flourish. Daisee's offering provides businesses with the intelligence requisite to swiftly adapt to market demands and customer whims—morphing mundane conversation data into strategic assets.

New Zealand's largest locally owned life insurer, Fidelity Life, said before daisee they were "flying blind", and thanks to daisee the organisation was now able to unlock the potential of AI-powered QA at scale.

“Our manual QA was two months out of sync with what’s happening,” said the Senior Manager of Governance, Conduct and Quality at Fidelity Life.

"Turning QA around so fast is one of the biggest benefits we've seen...Jumping into any metric is so easy; daisee has become such an important part of our day-to-day now."

"Moving from anecdotal stories of what's happening to showing real data has meant our decision-making process is so much more robust."

Fidelity Life

4. Identifying Emerging Patterns:

Beyond tending to extant customer needs, daisee's speech analytics can unveil nascent trends eluding immediate detection. By analysing the nuances of customer conversations, businesses can detect shifts in customer behaviour and preferences over time. These insights allow companies to stay ahead of the curve, adapting their strategies to capitalise on new trends and opportunities before competitors even recognise them. Speech analytics, especially through sophisticated solutions like daisee, stands as a linchpin for maintaining a competitive edge. Harnessing daisee's AI-driven insights empowers enterprises to decode the Voice of the Customer, steering strategic choices, enhancing CX, and keeping aware of emerging trends and predictions.

Don't let valuable customer and contact centre insights slip through the cracks. Schedule a personalised demo of daisee's speech analytics QA and insights solution today, contact: info@daisee.com

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