We are Daisee.

We build technology that empowers people.

Daisee is an Australian headquartered global AI software company whose mission is to lead the world in using A.I to uncover true insight in spoken language. Daisee specialises in automated quality management for customer interactions, powered by artificial intelligence, speech, and text analytics.

Daisee’s solution draws deep understanding from customer interactions and spoken conversations between companies and their customers. Daisee has the unique ability to automatically analyse and score 100% of customer interactions identifying issues that require human intervention. This is achieved using a world-first digital quality scorecard framework against the most important elements of each interaction.

The applications are vast, and span from quality assurance through to sophisticated conduct risk and compliance management.

Our Recognition

Our Values


Personally Principled

We question the impact of our actions and ask if we would be comfortable taking personal responsibility.

We go beyond self interest and believe in ethical restraint.


Individually Awesome

Our people have dynamic capabilities that adapt quickly.

We are curious, thoughtful, and generous.


Collectively Brilliant

"We play for the name on the front of the jersey not the one on the back".

Together we exceed the sum of our parts.


Future Focused

We focus on the important, not the urgent to relentlessly pursue our agreed goals.

We are creative, evolving rapidly through iteration.



We are empowered and action-oriented.

We are decisive and focus on mission-critical tasks.

Our People

Richard Kimber

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kylie De Boer


Jon Taylor

Customer Success

Andrew Cowie


Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 2.18.01 pm

Stephen Norris




daisee  .Picture :Gregg Porteous

Richard Kimber

Founder & CEO



Bill Morrow

TELCO, Energy and Former NBN CEO


Rajeev Gupta white background

Rajeev Gupta

Global Technology Funds

Advisory Committee

Steve Norris

Stephen Norris

Technology and Data Science



Tim Martin



Tim Holmes