About Us


Deep Artificial Intelligence Software for Enterprise Ecosystems’ or daisee is bridging the gap between technical AI and commercial application in the fields of vision and voice


Co-founded in 2017 by technology veteran Richard Kimber (former Google MD) in Sydney, we have a unique approach that focuses on creating significant value for clients by blending commercial best practice, software engineering and data science to create intelligent products that learn and adapt.

Our team of business professionals includes veterans from big brands such as Oracle, Teradata, McKinsey, EY,  Google, ANZ, NAB, and HSBC. That means we start with the business problems that AI can solve rather than an obsession with the technology or data science.

Our team includes the Software Engineers and Data Scientists needed to build and deploy intelligent products such as Lisa and Akuity, with a high level of academic achievement and in-depth developer experience from some of the world’s largest tech companies.

Proven Experience

Proven Engineers

We are experienced in AI with world class data scientists and engineers from Teradata and prestigious Universities who have refined their knowledge and understanding of AI over years of research and hard work.

Proven Business Minds

Our commercial team blends wisdom from large corporates, government organisations and entrepreneurial knowledge from a range of VC-backed ventures. (Google, HSBC, McKinsey, ANZ, NAB, Alfred Hospital, Australian Defence Force, OFX,WPP, First direct)

Proven Technique

Our exceptional data scientists and engineers merge academic expertise and cutting-edge research with big tech commercial experience to produce optimal solutions.


Under the ICT Services scheme, we are accredited by the NSW Government for the following:

  • E01. ICT Strategy
  • M01. Business Analysis
  • M04. Other software services including delivery “as a service”
  • N02. Software Applications
  • Q01. Professional Services


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