Why the rise of AI will see the demise of closed data

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The rise of AI speech analytics software could herald the demise of closed data sources as companies become more tuned in to the value of the unstructured data they’re sitting on. For daisee, data liberation – relinquishing the lock-down of customer data – occurs because you’re honest about the real value you provide to your customer.

10-Week Project Results In Major Savings

A student of daisee’s chief technology officer, Greg Baker, ran a project off the back of a ten-week part-time course and his laptop.

He worked for a company that installed industrial machines for manufacturing companies. Each installation had specific requirements which were different from project to project. They also had a range of suppliers they would buy from, so they were never quite sure how much the machines would cost.

The student decided to make a make a predictor to estimate the price they could expect from those vendors.

The coefficients of the parameters of his machine-learning model showed very clearly a price difference with one supplier in particular, meaning they were able to extract dramatic price improvements off their vendors.

Where do you start?

Even if the initial project is small, AI’s applications – and its impact – can span many functional groups of your business. While an AI application may provide a technological solution to a business problem, it is the people in the business who will commandeer that solution into unlocking its value.

It means making sure the richest data sets in your organisation are accessible to everyone who might need them. One of the best data sets you can invest in is your customer communications – emails, chat logs, and conversations going through your contact centres.

In the next instalment we’ll look at how the information extracted from that data can be used by different areas of your business.

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