Fidelity Life gets data-driven confidence through daisee

The shift from sampling calls to having full quality-assurance (QA) coverage improved agent performance and morale.


As New Zealand's largest locally owned life insurer – with over 50 years of delivering great service to its customers – Fidelity Life takes great pride in protecting New Zealanders. That means running a first-class contact centre where the team handles 4000 calls each month. However, under manual quality assurance processes, the team was finding it difficult to be confident they were getting a complete picture of their performance.

“We were only really able to quality assure a tiny fraction of calls each month. We worked out that to manually QA 100 per cent of our calls, we would need around 300 people," says Michaela Hunter, Senior Manager of Governance, Conduct and Quality at Fidelity Life.

"That was never going to fly, but we knew expanding coverage was the right thing to do. We now have daisee running automated coverage across all calls, and the insights have been invaluable."

Hunter says Fidelity Life was "flying blind", but felt that the daisee team offered the guidance and expertise they were looking for to unlock the potential of AI-powered QA at scale.

"When we talked to daisee, nothing was too hard," says Hunter. "They've always been really receptive to our questions, knowing we're not technology specialists – we're QA people. They were willing to spend a considerable amount of time with us, helping to smooth out the kinks and build a real relationship. It feels like a true collaboration."

Hunter explains that the ability to view whole queue performance or drill into individual agent performances has been a powerful step forward for their QA processes. "Jumping into any metric is so easy; daisee has become such an important part of our day-to-day now," she says. “Our manual QA was two months out of sync with what’s happening. With daisee, we know within 24 hours. Turning QA around so fast is one of the biggest benefits we've seen.”

Alongside remediating customer issues quickly, Hunter also found some initial reluctance amongst agents was soon overcome when they saw the positive side of data-driven feedback on performance.

"After some worries that this was just going to 'try and catch people out', we've had staff see that it's an opportunity to remedy things and be more successful. It's almost competitive now," says Hunter. "One agent, who was completely against it beforehand, is now one of its biggest fans. He's got great confidence because he can get in there and see his call performance himself; he's checking it regularly now. For many, it's changed their perspective on the value and service they bring to the business."

Fidelity Life is still working closely with daisee to implement its system to deliver the 'just-right' fit for the insurer's needs. But at its essence, while the journey continues, Hunter feels that the data-driven insights have done wonders for converting the insights coming through the contact centre into confident decision-making.

"Moving from anecdotal stories of what's happening to showing real data has meant our decision-making process is so much more robust," Hunter explains. "The clarity and simplicity of daisee have been just what we need."

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