Benefits of Automated Quality Management

Richard Kimber

Quality management is one of the most crucial steps of building and nurturing successful, ongoing relationships with your customers. Traditionally, it is one of the more time consuming business processes, not to mention the outdated manual resources and hefty staffing costs involved.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in - voice analytics software is now making automated quality management possible, easy-to-use, and effective. Let’s go through some of AI’s many advantages for the day-to-day running of your business.

Save time, money and resources to be put to better use in other areas of your business

AI translates unstructured voice data into actionable insights while having an entirely automated quality management functionality. It seamlessly unlocks key information to improve the quality of the service you provide to your customers. This intelligent language deciphering engine is as comprehensive as it gets, revealing specific behavioural patterns from interactions and spoken conversations between you and your customers.

In using an automated system, you have the ability to significantly cut down on costs, time and resources you would have otherwise used to handle customer enquiries and complaints. Think of a world where the data collated from customer feedback is presented to you almost instantaneously, rather than requiring multiple manually-driven channels to assess and analyse information. Your team leaders can focus their time more efficiently as they are automatically alerted to the calls that require attention and the interactions that matter.

Increase customer retention and satisfaction

In a recent study, Oracle found that 34 per cent of customers won’t purchase from a business ever again after only one bad interaction. You don’t have any legroom when it comes to getting the customer experience right after the first time. Navigating customer calls alongside documenting the call drivers whilst on the call is a hard task for contact centre staff to navigate with accuracy and agility. That’s where the power of automated quality management systems really shine through. In near real-time, your customer support team can take calls, provide assurance and rectify matters with customers while the software assesses customer insights through a large number of curated algorithms including sentiment and word meaning. It’s pretty revolutionary stuff, and you can expect to start improving on customer retention and satisfaction rates immediately through insights revealed within the data collected.

Make a lasting positive impression to create customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the most significant stats that show a business is going in the right direction in terms of customer satisfaction. If a customer has a good experience with you time and again, chances are, your hard work will pay off with a lifetime of loyalty and goodwill.

Automated quality management software like Daisee’s AI voice analytics tool navigates when your customers tend to be the most dissatisfied so you can find solutions to pain points in your customer journey. Data is nothing without analysis, so the patterns you will uncover will take you one step closer to making the perfect first impression and creating customer lifetime value for your business.

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