Debt Collections & Recovery Services

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Daisee’s extensive experience and understanding of collection centre needs, practices and regulations will help you to enhance the productivity of your team whilst reducing business overheads. Daisee’s conversational intelligence analytics provides a critical window into the interactions between debtors and agents, proactively identifying compliance breaches as well as pinpointing changes in process that can save resources, create a better customer experience and improve your debt recovery

Successful debt collection is a careful balancing act that requires tenacity and tact to maintain both revenue targets and delinquency roll rates whilst ensuring a good relationship is kept between the debtor and creditor and transparency is upheld for regulators. The voice data within your customer interactions is an untapped resource for organisations to leverage for improving business operations.

Richard Kimber - Founder and Director Daisee


Benefits of Using Daisee

Recover More Payments

Daisee increases your collection effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Coaching and Agent Performance:
    Identify high performance techniques that can be used for training
  • Use Daisee's AI to analyse 100% of calls:
    Identify collection call outcome predictors
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP):

    likelihood to pay language

    to focus on the most likely to pay calls

Automate and Improve Compliance

Daisee flags compliance issues and training needs for single agents or whole groups.

  • Provide coaching on amicable and ethical collection techniques
  • Protect personal data and meet complex contact regulations
  • Identify and alert supervisors of false or misleading representations, potential vulnerability and compliance risk
We have placed a lot of trust in Daisee, not only in the technology, but in the team as a whole. They’ve not let us down.

David Oxley - Head of Solutions, Employsure


Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Efficiency

Generate significant cost savings by reducing time and resource wastage.

  • Attain 100% QM coverage at a fraction of the cost of monitoring manually
  • Extend and automate QM scorecards
  • Improve SLAs (FCR, AHT)
  • Reduce agent attrition costs
  • Identify common customer issues that can be automated, directing the more complex enquiries to your agents
Deployment was fast, and we were able to get value from the Daisee solution immediately. As a result, we had a 30% uplift in agent productivity and just two months after deploying, we rolled out Daisee across our other business units too.

Johann - Head of Customer Care


Provide a World-Class Customer Experience

Individual and thematic insights on the customer experience.

  • Discover agent best practices to coach other agents to improve the customer experience
  • Proactively identify and remediate customer dissatisfaction
  • Improve the customer journey by identifying common pain points through interaction analytics
Daisee has helped us really work on a consistent MYOB experience. We use the solution to upskill people to respond better to queries and go beyond. The results were a 22% increase in CSAT scores.

Steve Targus, Contact Centre Manager, MYOB


Increase Agent Engagement

Identify success as well as areas for training and agent development to improve agent effectiveness, satisfaction and retention.

  • Surface top performing agents and individual interactions for positive reinforcement
  • Identify and target specific agent training needs
  • Diagnose call friction factors
  • Guide agents to the correct call path for more likely positive outcome
  • Identify 50+ unique call behaviours against a customised, automated scorecard
We’ve been able to give our agents feedback quickly and comprehensively, whereas in the past we may have never known.

Steve Targus, Contact Centre Manager, MYOB


Optimise customer complaints management

  • Highlight language that could lead to a complaint such as coercion or over-contacting
  • Triage complaint calls to support coaching and developing your team to improve complaint management skills
  • An essential early warning system and audit trail for potential issues enabling identification of root causes and rapid remediation

Get in touch with the experts at Daisee to learn more about how to gain the benefits of voice analytics at your debt collection and recovery services firm.