Insurance Roundtable

Leveraging AI to optimise claimant outcomes, with social psychologist, Dr Claire Ashton-James

November 30, 2021
9:00-10:00 AM AEST

Claimant distress is bad for everyone - especially the Case Manager

Insurance claims case managers deal with people on some of the most stressful days of their lives, in situations that can quickly lead to frustration. Your case managers are in the firing line and this Insurance Roundtable lays out how to identify and manage the different forms of claimant distress. Understand how you can take action to ensure positive outcomes for your customers, employees, and business.

A universal challenge faced by compensation systems is that the recovery trajectories of injured persons who make a claim are generally worse than those of injured persons who do not make a claim

Did you know?

  • Complaints are higher for claims than any other part of the insurance experience.
  • Distress caused by the claims process can affect a claimant’s physical recovery.
  • Complaints can cause a transfer of distress to the case manager, leading to staff turnover.

Healthcare delivery expert and lead speaker, Dr. Claire Ashton-James, will speak directly to her latest findings on the direct link between the claims process and client and business outcomes. She will discuss strategies that can be used to improve claimant engagement and return to work as well as case manager coaching and retention. She will draw on her specific expertise in developing early interventions to manage claimant distress following accidents, and her knowledge of the psychosocial approach to pain management.

the claimants’ experience of the claims process is a critical predictor of their likelihood of recovery and return to work

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communication with case managers plays a critical role in claimant’s experience and perceptions of fairness

About Dr. Claire Ashton-James

Claire Ashton-James, PhD is a social psychologist and a faculty member at The University of Sydney. Her work touches on the role of social support and social wellbeing in treatment outcomes, interpersonal modulation of pain, the impact of trust on pain, health behaviour and well-being, and communication skills. Dr. Ashton-James conducted her PhD research at UNSW (Australia) and Duke University (USA). She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia (Canada) before moving to The Netherlands to work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen, and later, the Free University of Amsterdam (Department of Psychology and the VU Medical Center Amsterdam).