Employsure — Case Study

Based in Sydney, Employsure provides workplace relations support to more than 35,000 businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


We have placed a lot of trust in daisee, not only in the technology, but in the team as a whole. They’ve not let us down.

David Oxley

Head of Solutions, Employsure Pty Ltd

Based in Sydney, Employsure provides workplace relations support to more than 35,000 businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

With an unprecedented increase in inbound calls (largely attributed to small and medium businesses battling the challenging economic environment) Employsure needed a solution to ensure phone-based agents were not only adhering to regulatory standards but also offering customers the best possible advice and service.

Employsure embarked on a stringent due diligence exercise to choose the right solution, ultimately choosing daisee for the superior technology demonstrated.

While reviewing our options, we really put the technology through it’s paces, evaluating daisee against the industry heavyweights

David Oxley

Head of Solutions, Employsure Pty Ltd

Before daisee

Unprecedented growth and increased regulatory compliance specifications required 100% of calls to be reviewed and escalated where necessary.

  • Calls were reviewed manually and were susceptible to human error
  • Only a small percentage could be accurately reviewed
  • Unchecked calls posed a risk of non-compliance with regulatory standards.

With daisee, 100% of inbound calls are monitored through automated quality management. Calls are scored and triaged.  This allows the internal risk and compliance team to review and intervene only when necessary.

I’ve been impressed with their professionalism and investment in helping our business succeed. We look forward to working with them on the next stage.

David Oxley

Head of Solutions, Employsure Pty Ltd

After daisee

  • 100% of inbound calls are monitored. Around 5% of calls are flagged by daisee as potentially non-compliant and escalated to the risk and compliance team. Only around 1% of these require manual intervention.
  • Calls are quickly and automatically triaged using a predetermined scorecard.
  • The system uses semantic and non-semantic techniques. This not only identifies problematic words or phrases but also flags inferences and inflections beyond simple matching.
  • Customer dissatisfaction is identified early, resulting in early resolution and improved customer retention.
Results daisee Employsure

What's next?

Following the successful implementation of the daisee Solution across all inbound calls, Employsure’s next step is to work with daisee across all outbound calls, thereby achieving the company goal of monitoring 100% of all sales calls.