Ampol — Case Study

Ampol is a company with over 100 years of history that operates 1,900 retail convenience stores across Australia.

Turning an investment in voice analytics into an investment in coaching.

Ampol is a company with over 100 years of history that operates 1,900 retail convenience stores across Australia. The business offers services such as fuel for business, retail outlets, as well as its own app to enable closer connections with its customers.

The contact centre consists of a team of professionals who work remotely and provide solutions to the retail outlets who support the end customers, addressing their questions, comments, and other issues. Seeking a way to enhance agent performance in real-time and respond effectively to high-risk client calls, the organisation turned to daisee.

Before daisee

Running a contact centre for a national-scale business means dealing with a high volume of calls. Using traditional, manual means to manage the quality of calls and manage agent performance is a challenge, particularly with agents being remote.

Supervisors without an automated tool can only deal with a small sampling of customer interactions. This can hamper efforts to create performance improvement programs. To create a more responsive system, one that could support agents from day to day and improve experiences immediately, the company needed a new solution.

The Ampol solution is the synergistic melding of advanced technology to inform one-on-one coaching.

Implementing daisee at Ampol

daisee uses voice analytics powered by artificial intelligence to monitor every call taken by a contact centre. Using this ability, Ampol could now start running quality control and staff development efforts based on accurate reporting. Ampol started seeing value from day one.

Being able to make quick, targeted suggestions and adjustments to agent performance has paid off, with improved internal performance leading to a great customer experience.

Reduced High Risk Calls

In the three months following the daisee implementation, the number of high-risk calls fell by 98%. Such transformation can be illustrated by the results of one agent who recorded >70% of high-risk calls in a single month but then, in the month immediately following daisee implementation, had none at all.

Driving Agent Growth

A particular agent went from previously scoring 68-70% to consistently earning 86-88%, achieving this transformation through coaching in specific areas found in daisee (greetings, offering any other help, listening to calls and seeing how they score).

Another agent was having issues with tone of voice and over-talk. By using the individual dashboard for this agent, supervisors were able to see their progress as they worked on those factors. The agent’s performance has improved from the high 70s to averaging over 86%.

Improved Agent Compliance and Quality

The results carry across the whole contact centre – with all staff contributing to the improvements. Over 13 months, Agent Compliance and Quality rose from 79.2% to 86.9% — +7.7 or 9.7% growth.

Results daisee Ampol

Turning 100% of calls into a source of data and insights has helped Ampol’s large, dispersed contact centre team unlock a new level of excellence.