Proven Experience

Proven Engineers

We are experienced in AI with world class data scientists and engineers from Teradata and prestigious Universities who have refined their knowledge and understanding of AI over years of research and hard work.

Proven Business Minds

Our commercial team blends wisdom from large corporates, government organisations and entrepreneurial knowledge from a range of VC-backed ventures. (Google, HSBC, McKinsey, ANZ, NAB, Alfred Hospital, Australian Defence Force, OFX,WPP, First direct)

Proven Technique

Our exceptional data scientists and engineers merge academic expertise and cutting-edge research with big tech commercial experience to produce optimal solutions.

Based in Australia


Our offices reside in Sydney and Melbourne. Our service will always be face-to-face.


When dealing with a third party, there is always a risk that your data might be stored off shore where the level of protection differs. But not with us; your data is kept safely on shore in Australia under strict storage and privacy regulations.

Local Value

We charge on a cost-plus basis, offset by the value of the business solutions we deliver.

Maestro our powerful AI platform

Explainable (XAI)

Maestro enables an output to be traced through the algorithm back to the data source. The AI is fully transparent and explainable. No mysterious black boxes here.

Built for Speed

Maestro's project methodology and deployment process significantly reduces AI application implementation time.

Built for Size

From the outset, Maestro designs algorithms that are ready for commercial business deployment.