Kylie has significant experience in leadership and management in fast growing and diverse environments, particularly focused on commercialising scientific advances. Prior to joining Daisee she was CEO of Private Equity owned SunDoctors and Southern Sun Pathology. This followed a long and distinguished career at world leading fertility organisation Genea (previously Sydney IVF) where her roles included CEO, General Manager and Scientific Director. Genea was a key contributor to innovation within the fertility industry. Kylie was integral to the development of many of the technologies employed by not only Genea in Australia, but the industry globally; most notably techniques around Preimplantation Diagnosis.

Kylie has a strong interest in aligning individuals and teams with a variety of backgrounds and professional qualifications to deliver against the strategic, operational and financial goals of an organisation.

Kylie has an unusual mix of qualifications; attending University of Sydney to complete a Hons. degree in Agriculture with a major in Genetics and a PhD in Medicine, and Harvard Business School to complete the TGMP program.