The telecom market has exploded in recent years, with any number of competitors from radically different industries all competing for customer attention, commitment and money. The power is now in the hands of the customer, who can choose from an array of packages and options. As soon as there is any problem, its never been easier to switch providers. Businesses need to understand their customers’ needs and how they’re changing on an almost daily basis, and be able to respond quickly at an individual level.

Lisa’s AI listens and understands the context and meaning of every conversation. That means Lisa can spot potential customer complaints or dissatisfaction on an individual basis, and insight themes across your business to let you know what customers want today and how their needs and sentiment are changing. Lisa can surface best practice across your contact centre and make training recommendations which raise agent performance to truly deliver a world class customer experience.

Key Benefits


World Class Customer Experience

Lisa’s AI automatically provides insight into customer pain points and unmet needs which helps deliver a world class customer experience

  • Reduce AHT and increase FCR by identifying topics or phrases which drive repeat contacts
  • Lisa provides a strong Voice of the Customer with topic and theme analysis across every call every day
  • Identify problem interactions to proactively address issues
  • Identify the best practices by agents with consistently high customer satisfaction scores and sales success and train your teams accordingly
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    Efficient Teams

    Lisa listens to 100% of calls and can surface themes or individual needs on a daily basis

  • Enable self-learning through regular, automated feedback
  • Constantly identify customer pain points and route the issue to the appropriate function for resolution
  • Identify dialogue blockers and disincentives
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    Sales Effectiveness

    Lisa automatically provides product and service insights to drive product management and development 

  • Identify language the customers use about your product
  • Listen and decipher the sales best practice of your most successful agents
  • Identify daily trends and campaign success factors to drive upsell and cross-sell
  • Use Lisa to monitor competition and modify campaigns and sales strategies
  • Accelerate your business with AI