As online shopping increasingly turns brick-and-mortar stores into show rooms and experiences, customer interactions across all touchpoints become hugely influential. Customer expect experience and interaction to be seamless and perfectly consistent in the offline world as it is online. That means physical stores need to work hard to define and deliver a world class experience across all channels and at every stage of a customer’s journey.

Lisa’s monitoring and analytics can provide the kind of insights retailers need to build loyalty and deliver a superior customer experience everywhere, all the time. Lisa can provide a view of a customer’s experience and recommend next best action guidance as well as monitoring the interaction for satisfaction or a potential complaint to be remediated. This kind of insight can be provided for a single transaction or right across a business, and supply bespoke reporting not just to a contact centre, but also functions like Marketing and Training.

Key Benefits


World Class Customer Experience

Lisa’s AI automatically provides insight into customer pain points and unmet needs which helps retailers/etailers deliver a world class customer experience

  • Improve first contact resolution based on best practice and root cause analysis
  • Identify the best practices by agents with consistently high customer satisfaction scores and sales success and train your teams accordingly
  • Identify problem interactions to proactively address issues
  • Lisa provides a strong Voice of the Customer with topic and theme analysis across every call every day
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    Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

    Lisa provides insights, custom dashboards and data to functions across your business

  • Identify daily trends and campaign success factors to drive upsell and cross-sell
  • Enable self-learning through regular, automated feedback
  • Create reports for product teams to identify pain points and recommend enhancements
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    Efficient Teams

    Do more with less in your contact centre by increasing First Call Resolution rates and Average Handling Times

  • Monitor and train out silence
  • Train in best practice to reduce transfers and repeat calls
  • Identify dialogue blockers and disincentives
  • Monitor and improve script adherence
  • Accelerate your business with AI