Carlos D'Agostino

Chief Technical Officer
Carlos D’Agostino is the CTO at daisee, passionate about developing the skills and capabilities of engineers in the daisee team and maintaining a program of continuous improvement. Having initially been educated in Spain, earning his BSc. Computer Science at the University of Malaga, Carlos has international experience in Spain, Switzerland and Australia in senior roles.

Carlos has worked in a variety of industries from digital content providers to financial analytics, and AI based NLP. Prior to joining daisee, Carlos was the Lead Engineer for Commonwealth Bank’s cloud transformation project, and Engineering Lead at daisee since beginning of 2022.

With a deep background as a Systems Engineer, Carlos has professional experience with highly available business critical systems deployed on-premises and cloud systems. He has a strong functional programming foundation, having a vast array of experience in multiple professional languages including Haskell and Scala which allows him to thrive in all environments.