Call centre conversations are a goldmine of feedback into marketing insights for any business. However the intimidating volume of raw data often means many of these actionable opportunities are left unrealised.

Lisa with its AI driven semantic engine distils vital factors such as customer satisfaction, personality traits and education levels for every customer. The results are more effective targeting and messaging of your marketing thrust which in turn drives increased agent performance. Your call centre becomes a virtual brand experience for every customer.


Marketing Effectiveness

Lisa’s data & analytics provides actionable insights to improve marketing effectiveness

  • Adjust campaign messages and improve results by monitoring daily customer sentiment and reaction
  • Identify and use customer words and phrases to improve messaging and Adword buying
  • Use Lisa insights to build new campaigns and collateral
  • Create reports for product teams to identify pain points and recommend enhancements
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Sales Effectiveness

Lisa automatically provides product and service insights to drive product management and development

  • Identify language the customers use about your product
  • Listen and decipher the sales best practice of your most successful agents
  • Identify daily trends and campaign success factors to drive upsell and cross-sell
  • Use Lisa to monitor competition and modify campaigns and sales strategies

World Class Customer Experience

Lisa’s AI automatically provides insight into customer pain points and unmet needs which helps deliver a world class customer experience

  • Map and personalise customer journeys across channels
  • Listen, decipher and act on every interaction to uncover daily themes and topics
  • Identify problem interactions to proactively address issues
  • Identify and spread best practice improvements from analytics insights