It’s never been easier for customers to change their insurance policy. At the same time it’s never been harder for insurance companies to keep customers in this age of compliance.

Lisa with its ground-breaking technology accurately monitors and verifies your company’s compliance of external regulations, internal conduct and even brand experience. Lisa replaces the need for costly and time consuming QA monitoring as it listens to every call. Red flagging compliance, training and brand issues from a single agent right up to themes across your business.


World Class Customer Experience

Lisa’s AI automatically provides insight into customer pain points and unmet needs which helps deliver a world class customer experience

  • Map and personalise customer journeys across channels
  • Listen, decipher and act on every interaction to uncover daily themes and topics
  • Identify problem interactions to proactively address issues
  • Identify and spread best practice improvements from analytics insights

Total Compliance

Lisa listens to every conversation and can flag compliance issues & training needs for single agents or whole groups

  • Listen to every conversation, every day
  • Tailor training and call scripts based on best practice and language with a negative semantic impact
  • Lisa redacts sensitive information from voice transcripts
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Sales Improvements

Lisa automatically provides product and service insights to drive product management and development

  • Identify language the customers use about your product
  • Listen and decipher the sales best practice of your most successful agents
  • Identify daily trends and campaign success factors to drive upsell and cross-sell
  • Use Lisa to monitor competition and modify campaigns and sales strategies