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Increased deregulation and non-traditional competition means companies must deliver a world class customer experience to be competitive. Origin Energy Australia reported a churn of 47,000 customers in 2017 alone.

Lisa’s AI can spot potential customer churn and dissatisfaction from a semantic analysis of every call through your contact centre, and trigger remedial action. Lisa’s bespoke analytics will reduce costs, improve customer experience, and raise agent performance.

Key Benefits


Cost Reduction

Customers want to be served quickly and efficiently. Lisa’s AI-driven speech analytics can deliver a world class customer experience without costing the world.

  • Reduce AHT and increase FCR by identifying topics or phrases which drive repeat contacts
  • Constantly identify customer pain points and route the issue to the appropriate function for resolution


    World Class Customer Experience

    Wider choice and lower barriers to switch mean customer churn has never been as high as it is today. Listening, deciphering and acting on 100% of customer interactions means you can realistically build a world class customer experience.

  • Identify the issues and agents who strongly impact customer experience
  • Identify campaign and messaging effectiveness by monitoring daily customer satisfaction scores
  • Identify & train agents that handle the calls which result in the lowest satisfaction ratings
  • Identify the best practices by agents with consistently high customer satisfaction scores and sales success and train your teams accordingly
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    Agent Performance

    Call sampling is an inefficient way to spot training needs and assess training application. Lisa listens to 100% of calls and can surface themes or individual needs on a daily basis.

  • Hire more effectively by knowing the skills, capabilities and style you need
  • Enable self-learning through regular, automated feedback
  • Constantly spot and train out new avoidance behaviors
  • Proactively spot potential agent churn
  • Accelerate your business with AI