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ZIP — Case Study

Based in Sydney, Zip Co Ltd (ASX: Z1P) is a leading buy-now-pay-later service provider with 1.3m customers and 10,000+ merchant partners across Australia.


Daisee allows us to focus our attention on calls more likely to contain risks, review them more thoroughly, much faster, and with less effort.


Head of Customer Care, Zip

Based in Sydney, Zip Co Ltd (ASX: Z1P) is a leading buy-now-pay-later service provider with 1.3m customers and 10,000+ merchant partners across Australia. With an 80% growth in customer volume in FY19, Zip faced the challenge of ensuring that its agents provide excellent customer experience, while also following all the required internal processes. For example, agents are required to properly verify the identity of each customer before speaking with them about their account.

Zip could only review a limited number of calls. The process involved selecting which calls to review, manually listening and scoring them, providing agents feedback, and following up where required. With ever-increasing call volumes from rapid business growth, this process posed several challenges:

  • Incomplete coverage of calls, leaving extensive unknowns
  • A large proportion of time taken to select and score calls
  • Susceptible to human error in potentially missing agent training requirements

Daisee alleviated this challenge by monitoring 100% of all calls, providing the ability to triage calls based on those that need more attention, and the ability to review each call faster.

I love the solution's intuitive design – which made it easy to learn to use.


QA Agent, Zip

Results Daisee ZIP

Daisee reviews 100% of calls, allowing Zip’s quality assurance team to focus on those worth more attention. Deployment was fast (less than two weeks) and Zip was able to see multiple benefits immediately after deploying the Daisee Solution.

100% Coverage reduced the unknown customer conversation content by covering 100% of calls rather than a limited sample. This also provides an opportunity to reveal unique business insights that would be difficult to detect with a smaller sample of calls.

Triage Daisee ZIP

Reduced the time taken to review each call by jumping straight to the parts of the call flagged by Daisee as more likely to need training opportunities. This liberates the QA team by spending less time mining for insights, and more time driving action.

Call triage allowed triage to be based on evidence of potential training opportunities, rather than random sampling or based on the QA agent’s experience alone. This allowed training opportunities to be identified easier and with specific examples.

All of these benefits lead to improved agent training and business intelligence, which has direct flow-on effects on customer experience.

The Daisee team was pleasant and easy to work with. Deployment was fast, and we were able to get value from the solution immediately. As a result, just two months after deploying, we rolled out the Daisee Solution across our other business units too.


Head of Customer Care, Zip

The Results

Daisee ZIP Benefits

What's next?

Zip continues to increase agent performance leveraging the Daisee solution across the other areas of the business.