Contact Centre Efficiency

Delivering a world class customer experience might be complex but it need not be expensive. Lisa helps you surface the factors and practices that have a positive impact on customer sentiment and sales, and spread those best practices across your contact centre. Lisa makes customer conversations available to functions outside of the contact centre so your whole business can benefit from the granular insight and commercial themes which can arise from every conversation. Lisa can help you map the customer journey and understand the current pain points to take you closer to delivering an efficient world class customer experience.

Lisa listens...

Currently, call centre supervisors on average only monitor 1-2% of calls. Lisa listens to 100% of calls and distils the insights from these to enable the supervisor to focus directly on actionable outcomes. Lisa’s ground breaking technology brings to your business immediate and dramatic savings in time, effort and money.

Increased ROI through enhanced Performance

Currently, Daisee’s customers have achieved quantifiable increases in their ROI by utilising Lisa’s leading edge analytics. This has led to a surge in call centre efficiencies driven by Lisa’s identification of process improvements.


Do more with less in your contact centre by increasing First Call Resolution rates and Average Handling Times

  • Monitor and train out silence
  • Train in best practice to reduce transfers and repeat calls
  • Identify dialogue blockers and disincentives
  • Monitor and improve script adherence


Current manual call sampling methods are insufficient for training. Lisa’s analytics is a highly efficient tool to assess training needs and ongoing team development opportunities.

  • Enable self-learning through regular, automated feedback
  • Constantly spot and train out new avoidance behaviours
  • Proactively spot potential agent churn and high performers without evaluation bias
  • Hire more effectively by knowing the skills, capabilities and style you need


Eliminate QA processes and inefficiencies associated with sample monitoring to deliver a world class customer experience

  • Automate call wraps
  • Eliminate call listening by highlighting performance issues to QA supervisors for coaching and mentoring
  • Build best practice themes and monitor the adherence to the coaching
  • Provide access to insights to teams across the business