Optimise Your Compliance

Contact centres are the compliance front line for your business and therefore contain the most potential for mistakes and thus the greatest source of compliance risk. The scrutiny now applied to ever changing and more complex regulation, makes the task of a Contact Centre Supervisor even more challenging. Lisa’s AI listens and understands every conversation and therefore can flag:

  • Mis-selling
  • Pressurised selling
  • Hardship or vulnerability that may require a tailored response
  • Private details can be redacted from call transcripts
  • Explicit language called for by regulations, brand or training
  • Fraudulent behaviour by agents or customers or both
  • Individual and team compliance mistakes

Lisa's Solutions for Managing your Compliance

Lisa monitors every call for:

  • Verification & Termination
  • Disclosures
  • Abusive language
  • Specific risk words

Lisa flags any conversation that needs review for compliance risk based on pre-defined phrases, but also employs fuzzy logic to ‘think round’ those phrases to catch metaphors and synonyms i.e. the difference between ‘front running’ and ‘push’. Lisa analyses calls in near real time allowing for timely remediation protecting your business through the reduction or elimination of regulatory fines.