Business Process Outsourcing

Inefficient Call Centres are costly. From agent churn… to staying compliant… to keeping up with new technologies.

Lisa supports Business Process Outsourcers, BPOs, by monitoring 100% of all phone calls. Lisa’s voice analytic technology accurately identifies best practice to enhance agent training and improve end user experiences, all the while reducing costs.

How Lisa
delivers value

Lisa is an enterprise-ready speech analytics solution built with the future in mind delivering ROI to business from day one.


Reduced Cost

100% QM coverage at a fraction of the cost

Extend and automate QM scorecards

Improve SLAs (FCR, AHT)

Reduce agent and customer attrition cost

Scalable infrastructure built for enterprise


Increased Revenue

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Predict sales success

Increase customer satisfaction

Identify new commercial opportunities from conversational data


Improved Customer Experience

Identify and improve customer satisfaction

Identify and target agent training needs

Identify call friction factors

Guide agents to the correct call path

Identify 50+ unique call behaviours


Reduced Risk

Identify and flag mis-selling and fraud

Consistent and comprehensive QM scorecards

Monitor regulatory obligations

Sensitive data redaction

100% call monitoring


Efficient Teams

Do more with less in your contact centre by increasing First Call Resolution rates and Average Handling Times

  • Monitor and train out silence
  • Train in best practice to reduce transfers and repeat calls
  • Identify dialogue blockers and disincentives
  • Monitor and improve script adherence

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    Performing Agents

    Eliminate QA processes and inefficiencies associated with sample monitoring

  • Automate call wraps
  • Eliminate call listening by highlighting performance issues to QA supervisors for coaching and mentoring
  • Build best practice themes and monitor the adherence to the coaching
  • Provide access to insights to teams across the business
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    Effective Processes

    Overcome agent churn by training agents faster, giving them the skills and expertise to deliver a world class customer experience

  • Hire more effectively by knowing the skills, capabilities and style you need
  • Enable self-learning through regular, automated feedback
  • Constantly spot and train out new avoidance behaviors
  • Proactively spot potential agent churn