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  • Liz Wansey
      Implementation Details Are Coming to Kill Your Experiment by Maryna Vlasiuk   Keeping Your Sanity When it comes to data science projects, reproducibility is always nice to have, not only for the sake of science, but also to preserve one’s sanity – revisited experiments should make sense rather than leave one baffled. Moreover, if one intends to share their project, they should want to make sure their peers would get the same result using the same
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    Liz Wansey
    Data Management for Data Scientists by Shannon Pace   Lessons from Software Engineering Although the field of data science is rapidly growing in popularity, there’s nothing new about data. Even the humblest application in the earliest days of the software engineering field existed purely to represent, search and transform data. Ever since, the ways of processing and managing data have only multiplied. In this time, valuable strategies for data management have been developed and refined.
  • Liz Wansey
    Artificial Intelligence Service Solutions to Australian Businesses daisee was founded to capture Australian business’ biggest opportunities with the best AI research from Australia’s universities. With strong beliefs that AI will take Australian business to a new level by bringing together the best in commercial experience, technology and academia –  daisee will be the go-to partner for companies that are curious and wanting to leverage AI solutions to maximum advantage and achieve the full potential of their business. The