Today banks are being held to higher standards than ever before. Higher compliance standards… higher customer expectations… and higher community values. World’s best practice delivery across these sectors requires absolute accuracy within policy & procedures, acute customer insights and cost effective solutions to daily operations.

Lisa instinctively ensures the quality assurance process by accurately capturing, translating and deciphering every conversation. Further Lisa automatically scans for those interactions you want to flag and offers insights into functions such as marketing, training and brand issues from a single agent right up to themes across your business.


Total Compliance

Lisa monitors all calls for regulatory and conduct standards

  • Listen to and understand 100% of conversations
  • Identify and train out individual and team compliance mistakes
  • Identify vulnerable groups who might require a specific approach
  • Identify and alert supervisors to behaviours such as pressurised or mis-selling

World Class Customer Experience

Lisa provides individual and thematic insights on customers’ experience

  • Monitor and analyze interactions for customer satisfaction
  • Discover best practice across all agents and locations and coach others to improve the overall customer experience
  • Proactively identify and remediate customer churn or complaints
  • Interaction analytics improves customer journeys by identifying common pain points

Marketing Effectiveness

Lisa’s data & analytics provides actionable insights to improve marketing effectiveness

  • Adjust campaign messages and improve results by monitoring daily customer sentiment and reaction
  • Identify and use customer words and phrases to improve messaging and Adword buying
  • Provide coaching on script adherence and sales call outcome predictors
  • Create reports for product teams to identify pain points and recommend enhancements