How is daisee ChatBot better?


Daisee hybrid chatbot combines the human agent and AI to deliver great client experiences.  It learns using client interactions and predicts responses, without rigid pre-programming as used by previous generation intent or slot-based chatbots.


Why is daisee hybrid chat the next generation ChatBot?


Daisee chatbot’s self-learning capability builds knowledge from client interactions and gets smarter every day, so no need for pre-programming


Daisee’s hybrid chatbot uses predictive capability, unlike other chatbots that cause client frustration by misunderstanding or requiring hand-offs and escalation, it can automatically send a response or suggest responses to an agent speeding up resolution, handling time and improving the overall client experience


It is an addition and not replacement to your human team. It combines the humanity of customer service agents with the efficiency of automation, meaning you have the best of both worlds. Daisee hybrid chat can automatically respond or suggest responses, for the Customer Service Representative (CSR) to use.